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TBB September 2006
TMC re-focus on specialisation
At a time when most suppliers are striving for product standardisation, TMC Australia, the Melbourne–based specialist supplier of trailer disc brake axles and airbag suspension systems, are intent on doing the exact opposite, according to Managing Director, Brendan Dullard.

“People mainly associate TMC with our airbag suspension modules and disc brake axles,” said TMC Managing Director, Brendan Dullard. “But, in fact, we have an extensive range of mechanical kits for sale as well.”
“Surprisingly the demand for mechanical kits seems to be increasing in recent months, despite all the talk we hear about softening of demand in the general market. There appears to be a couple of reasons for this. Firstly there was the approval given, or should I say, the exception granted to the ADR38 skid limit criteria, which now permits the use of disc brake axles fitted to a trailer with a mechanical suspension.”
“Many operators, in WA particularly, still prefer to stick with the spring suspension and now they can do so even when they move to the more efficient disc brake. Secondly, there has been some change in direction by two of our competitors in the mechanical suspension market, which has brought some additional business our way.”
Brendan adds TMC can consistently demonstrate that the more flexible approach will eventually win the day. More personalised customer service, quicker response times and a higher degree of flexibility are what makes the difference between TMC and the other suspension suppliers.
“In some respects, you could say that we have had a change of direction ourselves, but not towards product standardisation. In fact it is the opposite, we’re not chasing volume anymore, we’re going to specialise more and concentrate on what our customers really need.”
“Our business has been successful because of the relationships we already had at the onset, or we have subsequently built with those niche market trailer builders around Australia.”
“We know the ones who helped us in the beginning and those who continue to support what we do. We don’t concern ourselves with trying to win business from the large volume trailer builders; that’s not our market place. The middle tier trailer builders – all specialists in their field – keep us busy enough.”
Refocusing their attention on the needs of those customers who helped TMC get to where they are today, Brendan says they will look to their customer’s requirements to determine any future product customisation or development.
Other new offerings from TMC include their drum braked axle module with ConMet CastLite drums (tare weight saving of 18kgs per axle) and the disc-braked option with ConMet alloy hub, 430mm rotors & Wabco PAN22 callipers.
The directors of TMC, Lee Kek Ming, Bob Cossins and Brendan Dullard, have enjoyed a long term association going back 20 years; and many of their relationships with customers go back just as long.
“We pride ourselves on our relationships, that’s what really counts. At the end of the day we aim to provide our customers, and the industry, with a quality product that will go the distance.” TBB