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June 2008

Making the switch to TMC
After experiencing problems with its previous axle and suspension supplier, Adelaide Wholesale Landscape Supplies made the switch to TMC Australia – and hasn’t looked back.

Starting up back in 2000, Adelaide Wholesale Landscape Supplies began by carting predominantly bulk landscape materials to landscape yards. Since then the company has grown to develop its own New South Wales-based firewood production business.
The company fleet is made up of seven trucks, a mixture of Western Star and Kenworth, and Barry Stoodley and Lusty EMS trailers, including one tri tri 25-metre B-Double, two 19-metre B-Doubles, one three-axle truck and dog, two four-axle truck and dogs, and another rigid.
“Everything that we have bought in recent times has been fitted with TMC,” says Adelaide Wholesale’s owner, Greg Traeger. “We run a mixture of 22.5” disc brake axles and 19.5” disc brake axles. As we update our fleet, we will switch our new equipment over to TMC, too.”
According to Greg, the reason for this is simple: quality and back-up.
“The quality and back-up from TMC is excellent. We have had no problems with their product at all. Making the switch to disc brakes has been an easy transition and there are much better efficiencies than we had with drums.”
“Maintenance wise they are also excellent. If you do have to do a pad change – which is very rare – it is extremely simple, and as there are no grease points every step is kept to a minimum.”
TMC offers a wide range of disc brake axles for a variety of applications. They can be specified with either 10 stud 285 mm pcd, 10 stud 335 mm pcd or spider hubs to suit 22.5” wheels. Eight stud 275 mm pcd hubs for 19.5” wheels are also available. All axles incorporate Wabco disc brake callipers, either PAN-19.1 with the smaller 377 mm rotor or PAN-22 with the larger 430 mm rotor. 
To offer lower maintenance and overall lower life-cycle cost, and an extended warranty, TMC disc brake axles can also be equipped with either the Conmet alloy hub and preset bearings or TMC’s recently launched UB90 unitised bearing hub developed in conjunction with Timken.
The UB90 axles feature Timken’s case carburised UNIPAC™ bearing system, which is pre-greased, pre-sealed and all pre-adjusted leaving the factory for minimum maintenance. It allows the operator to eliminate the human factor from seal maintenance and bearing adjustment, thus ensuring substantially lower life cycle costs.
Available with either drum or disc brakes and with 10 stud 285 mm pcd or 335 mm pcd hubs, TMC’s UB90 unitised bearing axles incorporate the latest technology from Timken and Wabco.
“We have been using TMC for nearly four years now and couldn’t be happier. In one case we had them retrofitted to a trailer because the brand we had on them previously had an underslung suspension and the air bags kept pressing down on the beam, causing it to break off twice,” says Greg.
“We had it welded back together twice, but in the end we decided it wasn’t worth it and replaced the entire system with a TMC one. Since then we have had no dramas at all.”
“I have to give a lot of credit to our drivers, though. When your staff takes care of the equipment, it performs to its best.” TBB