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July 2008

TMC forges ahead
TMC Australia, a Melbourne-based supplier of airbag suspension modules and disc brake axles, has added a range of forged alloy wheels to its stable of products. At the same time, it has cemented an alliance with tyre and wheel distributors Tyres4U.

“Many of our customers are in the aluminium tipping trailer business, so it makes sense for us to be able to offer them a running gear package that includes the alloy wheels as well,” says Brendan Dullard, TMC Managing Director.
“We do have a very strong following in the alloy tipper and truck and dog market, so it is just a natural progression for us to extend the product range in this way. Our range of airbag modules has been developed with that market in mind, so we offer a very light tare weight and focus on minimum maintenance solutions, such as the Conmet alloy hub with ‘preset’ bearings for a lower life-cycle cost.”
Conmet alloy hubs are a standard TMC option for either disc brake or drum brake applications. In the case of the latter, TMC axles can be specified with either the Conmet Castlite drum or the centrifused drum for even greater tare weight savings.
From September TMC will also be offering a selection of 22.5” 10 stud and 19.5” 8 stud alloy wheels.

Brendan adds, “During the evaluation process, we relied on our good customer Tyres4U, who have a lot of experience in this area.”
According to Shane Tennant, National Sales Manager for Tyres4U, “We have worked very closely with TMC over the past two years, during which time we have purchased a considerable quantity of TMC’s steel wheels in all different sizes.
“From that process we know TMC’s capabilities and we are comfortable with both the product and the people who stand behind it. Therefore, when offered the opportunity to form an alliance with TMC to jointly market the alloy wheels, we concluded it was the smart thing to do.”