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Trailer Magazine August 2008

TMC going the distance
Supplying and delivering bulk products to its customers cross the wide area between Melbourne and Adelaide,
Mt Gambier-based Glenara Transport relies on suppliers like MC Australia and Matilda Walking Floors for its equipment.

With a fleet of two prime movers and four trailers, Glenara Transport delivers a range of products such as pine shavings, sawdust, woodchips, bark and mulches to its customers. The company has been running for the past 10 years with director Glenn Henley at the helm joined by his business partner, Tammy Whitehead. Business is based on the simple plan of outdoing the larger companies by offering a higher level of customer service. Glenara’s fleet is made up of three Matilda Walking Floors and a Jackson Transport Bodies unit. And it is its two newest Matilda’s that are impressing the most, thanks to the TMC equipment that has been fitted.

“We now have two 45-foot Matilda Walking Floors fitted with TMC axles and air suspensions with disc brakes. Matilda recommended TMC and we are glad that we went with them,” says Glenn. “We knew that the disc brakes would be easier on maintenance, but we didn’t realise just how long a run we would get out of our brake pads.”

The back and middle axles of the first trailer, bought in January 2003, lasted 590,000 km without needing a brake pad change. Even more impressively, the front axle lasted over 700,000 km.

“I was definitely surprised, especially when people commented that they were getting anywhere between 100,000 and 300,000 kilometres out of theirs.” The second Matilda Walking Floor has done over 500,000 km since September 2005 and still has between 7–9 mm left on every brake pad. Maintenance is also proving easy, with nothing more than a trip down to the local tyre centre needed when the pads are eventually changed. Although a few teething problems surrounding the bushes appeared in the early days of the trailers’ lives, Glenn says dealing with TMC over the issue was easy. “The product was out of its warranty period, but TMC said they’d look after itand replaced the lot with no stress.” He adds that the conditions his trailers operate under makes the long run he has received from his disc brakes even more impressive. “We do run on-highway, but a lot of the time we are delivering product to dairy or poultry farms off some very rough roads. We go out on back roads all through western Victoria and they definitely aren’t gentle on our equipment.

“We’re really happy with the long lifetime of the disc brake pads. When you buy a piece of equipment and can get four or five years out of the pads, it means more time on the road and less time in the workshop.” Glenn is happy to sing the praises of both TMC and Matilda Walking Floors, saying that both companies are more than willing to help them out.

“I know I can call Martin at Matilda any time when I have a drama. He tells us what to look for and we can normally pin point it very quickly. Both companies look after us really well and are great suppliers to work with.”