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TMC wheels going strong

Two years on from TMC’s distribution agreement with Tyres4U, and both parties are more than satisfied with the outcome.

Best known for its airbag suspensions and special purpose axles, TMC has been offering its customers a more complete package with the introduction of a range of alloy wheels that was added only 12 months ago.

“It wasn’t that long ago that we brought in the first container load of alloy wheels, now 12 months on, we are bringing in containers every month. The product has been well accepted in the marketplace and although we obviously don’t have very significant market share at the present time, our involvement in both the Melbourne and the Brisbane truck shows helped us to bring our products to the fore and be recognised as a steel and alloy wheel supplier. Most of the trailer body builders would know TMC principally as a supplier of air bag suspension systems, special purpose axles, self-steer axles and the like. The fact that we have advertised in magazines such as Trailer and brought our product for display at the exhibitions reinforces the acceptance that we have had in offering this new product line to the market. We are beginning to really break into the wheel market. Although it isn’t yet in huge volumes, we are offering the product and people are showing interest,” says TMC’s Managing Director Brendan Dullard.

Tyres4U National Sales Manager Shane Tennant adds, “In the second year of our involvement with TMC, we are just as happy as we’ve always been. We find TMC to be very responsive and a very good supplier.” TMC now offers a range of alloy wheels in a machined finish and a new polished finish, which can be polished on either one or on both sides. The alloys that are polished on both sides are generally used on trucks and prime movers, whereas those that are polished on the one side are more commonly used on trailers.

Also new to TMC is an expanded steel wheel product range. As well as its 22.5 inch steel wheels, TMC has introduced a range of 17.5 and 19.5 inch wheels for low loader and drop deck applications.

TMC has just received new contracts regarding its steel wheels with two reputable trailer manufacturers.

Davey Consolidated has ordered wheels for its special project with Toll. “We ordered all of our special purpose axles from TMC and at the same time they were able to offer us a suitable steel wheel for that special application. TMC delivered the product to our door in a timely manner and everything fitted together perfectly,” says Sales Manager Adrian Gordon.

Denis Di Pasquale of Queensland based low loader and drop deck manufacturer Tuff Trailers, has been equally impressed with the wheels supplied by TMC. “We have had a long standing relationship with TMC with its airbag suspensions and special purpose axles. When they offered us an alternative forged aluminium wheel, we examined the product and found that it was just as good as other products being offered in the marketplace. We recently fitted 9 trailers with TMC axles, suspensions and alloy wheels and the client is particularly pleased with the outcome.”

Brendan reasserts, “I think TMC’s key strength in the area of wheels is that we are able to offer our customers a full package. We can offer an airbag or mechanical suspension with either a special purpose or a standard axle configuration together with steel or alloy wheels in one seamless transaction. We are offering a complete package, eliminating the need to deal with two or three suppliers. We can deliver our products as part of a set and that’s a big advantage, it definitely creates a bonus for the body builder.”