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TMC across the continent

Melbourne-based running gear manufacturer TMC Australia is dedicated to engineering quality and performance. TMC has developed a range of mechanical suspension kits designed to operate in the harshest conditions found in Australia.

Although better known for its airbag suspension modules, TMC is currently experiencing a significant increase in demand for its mechanical suspensions in Western Australia, according to TMC Managing Director Brendan Dullard.

“Since the existing regulations in Western Australia do not provide any extra weight advantage for airbag as against spring,” explains Brendan, “then of course with the operating environment being more arduous, it all makes spring suspension the preferred option.

“We supply most of the builders in Western Australia either part or all of their mechanical suspension requirements and also deliver the product to builders in the eastern states when they are fitting up trailers going over to the west.

“We keep large stocks of component parts, so we can maintain our lead time for a mechanical suspension kit to less then three working days and pride ourselves on being able to supply on time almost every time. That way our customers can put their equipment into operation without delay.” Established in 1976 and based in Dry Creek, South Australia, Southern Cross Trailers is one of the builders regularly shipping flat bed, drop deck and extendible trailers into Western Australia, all usually with TMC mechanical suspension.

“We fit TMC suspensions to our trailers going to Western Australia because we have found the product to be good quality and the timely supply is never a problem,” says Brad Carpenter of Southern Cross Trailers.

“I’m in the front line selling Southern Cross Trailers into the market in Western Australia. It is easier for me when we have suppliers like TMC who are reliable and respond to my problem whenever any minor issue crops up. We just delivered a package of trailers and dollies to K-Trans WA and their MD, Keith Middleton, was very pleased with the finished article.

“Of course, all our customers rely on us to select the best components for lower maintenance and longer service life. I do that every day and in the case of TMC, I can do so with confidence.”