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Still hitting the mark

In a bid to concentrate on special purpose trailer axles and a range of airbag suspension systems to complement them, TMC introduced a range of new products including the self-steer axle back in 2003. Almost seven years on and it is still as popular as ever.

TMC self-steer axles can be mounted to either a mechanical or airbag suspension as part of tri-axle or quad axle running gear. When airbag mounted, it usually comes with TMC’s ‘easy fit’ LMV suspension which includes a reinforced shocker mounting system and has a ride height to suit the trailer application.

TMC’s standard 9 tonne rated self-steer axle can be fitted with either drum or disc brakes with optional hub wheel fixing types to suit 22.5”, 19.5” or 17.5” wheels. The self-steer axle incorporates an 11o self- steer angle and a pneumatic reverse lock.

TMC’s Managing Director, Brendan Dullard explains, “In multi-axle set-ups many clients specify a front lift axle, which includes TMC’s fully automatic control system with auto up/auto down functionality. For quad axle floats equipped with LMV low-ride airbag suspension, two fixed and two self-steer axles has become the most popular configuration.” He continues, “There is a fair bit of customisation done by TMC to make sure the axles fit in with the trailer builder’s chassis. Because TMC does not have a parent company in Europe or North America, we do not have to seek approval from an engineering department to make all of these customisations. This is definitely TMC’s advantage over our competitors and we can modify any design to suit the customer on a timely basis.” Since TMC released its self-steer axle back in 2003, the company says it has been operating successfully in many units around the country. In fact, it has been so reliable that a number of trailer builders have come to rely on the system.

TMC offers a cost effective air suspension and axle package, supplied as a modular assembly for ease of fitment by the trailer manufacturer. The package aims to return increased profit to the operator by providing greater payload and lower maintenance. In addition to the range of standard modules, TMC offers any axle track length required and can customise the suspension or frame attachment as necessary.