Strength through design
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Rhino trailers is nearing completion of two new low loaders that will be used as mobile power sub-stations by one of australia’s leading international electrical suppliers to the power, energy and mining sectors. in order to achieve the required carrying capacity, both trailers have been fitted with TMC’s row of eight axles.

The new trailers have been purchased by a company in Newcastle. Measuring 17 metres long and 3.5 metres wide, they will be carrying weights in excess of 50 tonnes. They are fitted with hydraulic landing legs that have been built by Rhino Trailers as the trailer must be kept level when it is used as a sub-station. Once the trailers are finished, they will be fitted with a transformer, switch gear and all other necessary equipment.

Rhino Trailers specs TMC suspension on most of the trailers it builds and has been dealing with TMC since it was first established in 2003. TMC offers a wide range of special purpose axles including this row of eight compatible axle with a narrower 335mm x 160mm ‘S’ cam brake developed in conjunction with Australia’s leading low loader builders. Currently ADR approved at 8.3 tonne per axle, TMC’s product is specifically designed for use in multi-axle configurations.

According to TMC Managing Director Brendan Dullard, “TMC continues to direct much of its attention towards product specialisation, in particular special purpose axles for road- going, mining and agricultural applications. We made the decision a few years ago to leave the volume trailer axle market alone in favour of finding our own place in the market.

This has proven to be a great move for us, as it allows us to concentrate on products tailor-made to customers’ requirements. In these difficult times, having the build flexibility at our Hallam facility is a great asset, it means we can turn our hand to almost any type of axle the customer needs.”

Rhino Trailers Sales Manager, Adrian Gordon adds, “We’ve continued to use TMC suspension because the price is good, the quality is good and we never have any issues. The use of these particular axles has provided the extra capacity our client needs in order to carry their load. They provide added strength without any adverse affect on tare weight.

“We used this same axle on 12 low loaders that were built for Toll last year. They are being used to cart weights of up to 90 tonne and there haven’t been any issues with the product whatsoever.

“As well as supplying a great, reliable product, TMC offers exceptional service and the staff are always very helpful. Its this high level of service that keeps us coming back.”

In addition to these new low loaders, the customer also has several Rhino skel trailers in the fleet that are being used as mobile switch rooms. Each of these units is fitted with TMC air suspensions and TMC axles.