Running disc brakes with spring suspensions
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Instead of targeting the volume of sales via mass production, TMC Australia specialises in quality over quantity; maintaining long-term relationships with niche trailer builders. General Transport Equipment is one such customer that would not do without TMC’s resilient disc brake axle.

TMC has long been known for supplying equipment to Australia’s special purpose trailer axle and mechanical suspension market. And so it is no surprise that General Transport Equipment (GTE) banks on TMC axles for all sorts of disc brake applications. The Western Australian trailer manufacturer has come to value the advantages of TMC’s versatile product. GTE is a leading supplier of customised transport equipment located in Kewdale, Western Australia. It manufactures a range of trailers, semi trailers and rigid truck bodies tailored to suit specific load requirements, client requests and road conditions. “We use TMC axles on many of our disc brake applications, although the vast majority in WA would be fitted with spring suspensions. It is an excellent product and we are very happy to fit it to our trailers,” says GTE’s Barry Moon. “We use the TMC axles and spring suspensions predominantly on side tippers for long haul work, which is a fairly heavy-duty application. They are very reliable and the brake performance is extremely efficient, which is, of course, crucial in an environment with countless multi-trailer combinations.” Having proven its durability in the field, the ConMet preset bearing set-up has convinced many in the industry. “We have one particular client, Hyrock, who swears by the TMC disc brake axle with the ConMet preset bearing set-up. The first axles went into service four years ago and they have been absolutely trouble-free. The client is very pleased and has standardised on that specification of axle throughout the whole fleet.

“Although some clients prefer the unitised or sealed-for-life hub systems, the major benefit of the ConMet preset bearings is that the hub can subsequently be serviced and worn components replaced at minimal cost,” says TMC Managing Director, Brendan Dullard. “The disc brake is self- adjusting for consistent braking and even component wear. When a pad change is required, this takes one third of the time taken for a brake re-line on conventional drum brakes.” Available with either 10 stud 285mm PCD or 10 stud 335mm PCD steel hubs, the new generation of TMC disc brake axles features larger 430mm rotors and Wabco PAN-22 disc brake callipers. As an optional extra, TMC disc brake axles can also be specified with either unitised bearings or with ConMet aluminium hubs and the well-proven preset bearing system. “Providing the correct replacement parts are used and the relevant hub nut torque retained, the TMC preset bearing system on our ConMet hubs will provide many years of trouble free life as well as significantly reduced maintenance costs,” Brendan says.

Interestingly, Brendan adds that demand for TMC’s mechanical suspension kits has been on the increase in recent times from both WA customers and trailer builders elsewhere in Australia who are carting the product into Western Australia. “The main reason,” says Brendan, “is that mechanical suspension has proven itself to be much more reliable in multi-trailer configurations, in road trains and in A-B Triples.” Established in 2001, TMC focuses on gradual growth while remaining committed to the individual needs of each customer. TMC’s mechanical suspensions offer transport operators the twin comforts of extended life and minimal maintenance, with features developed by TMC’s engineers over many years of personal experience. Since entering the market, the suspensions have proven invaluable on multi-trailer configurations, as they ensure both extra payload and lower maintenance costs. It is no surprise that TMC’s output has nearly tripled since moving into the Hallam facility in 2004, yet the commitment to customer service remains unwavering.