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TMC Extends Airbag Range
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Melbourne-based airbag suspension and special-purpose axle expert, TMC Australia, has introduced a new heavy-duty suspension range designed to make a positive impact on the bottom line – even in the most competitive business environment.

According to TMC’s Managing Director, Brendan Dullard, “Australia has never been a market where one-size-fits-all. Now, with an increased market emphasis on mining activity and heavy bulk haulage, particularly in Northern Queensland and Western Australia, it is more important than ever before to offer increased capacity, lower maintenance solutions for such applications.” According to Brendan, the new TMC range has been specifically designed to cater to that development. “Our new model TL12 suspension is targeted at that heavy duty bulk haulage market, as well as any other arduous or off-highway application. With a manufacturer’s rated capacity of 12 tonne, the new suspension is road-friendly certified; it has a three-year structural warranty and is fitted with 360mm airbags as standard.” Brendan adds, “We offer it with a range of hub configurations, either drum or disc brake, as well as with either ‘preset’ or ‘unitised’ bearings for reduced maintenance and lower life cycle costs. We have quite a few sets already running in Queensland and WA for more than a year, and in both cases we have received very positive feedback.”

One WA client, Truckworld Rentals, did not hesitate to specify the TL12 suspension for their heavy-duty application. Truckworld Rentals fleet manager, Tony Ives, says, “My client, based in the Kalgoorlie area of Western Australia, was looking to rent the equipment over a number of years and needed a product that could stand up over time operating under harsh conditions in that part of Australia. “With most of our trailer purchases we leave it up to the trailer manufacturer to decide what brand and model of axle and suspension to fit,” says Tony, whose fleet of rental equipment exceeds 500 in number. “However, for this requirement, where our client is a large corporate player, we had to be really certain the suspension could stand up to the conditions. We have a lot of other trailers in the fleet fitted with TMC suspension including our flat-tops, extendables and side-loaders, so we asked the trailer builder to find out what TMC could offer.”

Tony subsequently specified each trailer to be fitted with three modules of TMC’s TL12 Heavy Duty airbag , incorporating 360mm airbags and three of TMC’s UB90 drum brake axles including 10 stud 285mm pcd hubs and unitised bearings.

“We wanted something that was competitively priced and rugged and robust enough to withstand the challenging environment in and around Kalgoorlie. The combination of the super heavy duty suspension and the unitised hubs with virtually no maintenance convinced us we were

on the right track selecting TMC axles and suspensions,” Tony adds. Another exponent of TMC’s TL12 suspension is Mick O’Phee of O’Phee Trailers in Rocklea, Queensland. “Just like TMC”, says Mick OPhee, “we also recognise that what may operate very well in a highway situation up and down the east coast of Australia is not always up to the mark in some applications and in some parts of the country. Therefore, for North Queensland applications, our preferred option is the TL12 suspension from TMC.

“As is often the case with the O’Phee product, we generally incorporate some special features on our trailer, which sets us apart from the other bodybuilders. One example of that is the Vertical Shock Absorber,” he adds. “We spoke to TMC and explained that it was absolute ‘must’ for us to have it incorporated in our ‘North Queensland’ spec. As a result, TMC were able to provide us with the vertical shocker as standard across the various TL12 ride heights we required.”

Finally Mick adds, “We have some of the TL12 units in operation for more than 12 months and are now building several repeat orders with the same product. Both we and our clients are more than satisfied with the TL12 suspension.”