Riding low and aiming high

‘Hauling the haulers’, so to speak, is a unique ability that sets the low loader apart from its peers. But as trailer builders are well aware, no such action is achievable without a reliable axle and suspension system in place. And, that’s where TMC comes into play.




During the past half decade, more money has been invested in Australian resource projects than in the previous 20; lifting the heavy haulage sector and other resource-related industries to a new level. Savvy companies have realised that potential early on and still ride the wave of that historic boom. Melbourne-based axle and suspension specialist, TMC, is one of them.

Due to a strong focus on product differentiation, TMC has become one of the industry’s first points of contact when it comes to choosing the right running gear for a tough job. “Product specialisation is high priority at TMC, especially when it comes to road-going mining and agricultural applications,” says Brendan Dullard, Managing Director of TMC Australia. “That’s why we have become the preferred supplier of some the most renowned low loader brands in the country.”

One manufacturer who has made TMC a standard element of their trailer package is Queensland’s Lusty Low Loaders of The Davey Group. “Since 2003, we started using a lot of TMC gear, from axles to suspensions and airbags, on our Rhino trailers and our Lusty Low Loaders,” says Adrian Gordon, Sales Manager at Davey’s trailer division. “TMC axles have always been a robust and reliable combination for us to use on our low loaders, and are now the standard specification on all Lusty Low Loaders. We always recommend TMC to our clients regardless if they want drum brakes or discs. We have never had any problems with the axles and are well supported by TMC in the event they come up. From a service standpoint, TMC is first class.”

One reason for TMC’s success is the company has long understood that every client is different, especially in a niche market, ensuring it retains the flexibility to deliver custom-built axles, too. According to Brendan, the ‘on-going’ demand for these purpose-built axles has eventually led to TMC creating two dedicated production bays that are used exclusively for these non-standard requirements. Brendan says, “We are supplying our rows-of-eight axles in different configurations and at varying track lengths depending on the application. In most cases, we supply it as an axle on its own, either fully assembled or as an axle beam and two wheel end kits.”

And, as TMC’s stock in Australia rises, Brendan knows that producing the right product for each application is what the company emphasises just as much as accomplishing a decent business return. “Specialisation is what TMC is all about. We feel strongly that product customisation and the flexibility to supply what the customer really needs has always been the main difference between TMC and the other axle and suspension suppliers in the Australian market.”