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April 2008
TMC keeps a low-profile
Melbourne-based specialist supplier of airbag suspensions, TMC Australia, continues to concentrate on servicing the special purpose trailer axle market. At the International Trailer, Truck and Equipment Show, TMC will display a range of products aimed at this market, including low-profile airbag modules, drum and disc brake axles, and self-steer axles for the low loader and drop deck markets.

Over the past 12 months, TMC has continued with its stated intention of increasing its specialisation in the trailer axle market. The company says this has yielded positive results and brought several new customers on board.
“Despite our efforts, to some extent, to cap our activity level in Australia, the TMC business continues to grow regardless,” says TMC Managing Director, Brendan Dullard.
“TMC’s product development or product progression comes principally from our small (but loyal) customer base. We deal primarily with the specialist builders who, generally speaking, know exactly what they want and come to TMC because we are equipped to customise the product to fit their trailer frame.”
Brendan adds that in recent times, much of that customisation has been directed at the low-profile and drop frame markets, where TMC’s low-profile airbag module has been much in demand with a number of trailer builders coming to rely on the product.
Warragul-based Jackson Transport Bodies (JTB) and Brisbane firm Tuff Trailers are just two of several low bed builders who prefer the TMC product.
“We asked TMC to modify their low-profile module specifically for us,” Neil Cooper of JTB says. “It was not a problem. We opted for a 200 mm ride height for our 19.5” and 17.5” models, but for certain applications we preferred the larger 14” airbags.”
“There was no long-winded
engineering process, TMC know what they are doing. The module specifically modified for us was redrawn and presented to us in a matter of days.”
Denis Di Pasquale of Tuff Trailers is another TMC customer impressed with the low-profile product.
“We have been using the TMC low-profile modules in conjunction with both fixed and self-steer axles for some years now with great success. From time to time, as our own product design develops, we need to change the suspension set-up. Whenever we need to do so, TMC is always ready to help. Their local engineering is the main reason we use their product.”
Directing more attention towards product specialisation and particularly TMC’s low-profile modules over the past 12 months entirely suits TMC’s plans, according to Brendan.
“It fits perfectly with our low-profile approach to the market,” he says.
“We don’t have any high powered national or regional sales people. There is just Bob Cossins and myself servicing the needs of our customers. We prefer to give that personal touch and at the same time, we keep our overheads low. That way, we make a reasonable profit and by doing so, we can afford to reinvest in the extra cost of local engineering and local product development.”
The range of TMC products, including low-profile airbag suspensions modules, self-steer axles, disc brake axles and steel wheels are displayed on stand GP34 at the International Trailer, Truck and Equipment Show. TBB