Trailer Axles

Drum Brake Axles

TMC offer a full range of standard models to suit 17.5″, 19.5″ and 22.5″ wheels.

Whether supplied with 10 tonne or 12 tonne LM or XP airbag suspension or TMC’s well proven mechanical suspension, TMC’s trailer axles are equipped to return increased profit to the operator through the use of long life components and lower maintenance costs.

Disc Brake Axles

Developed here in Australia, TMC offer a cost effective disc braked axle package specifically for Australian conditions. 

The range includes either 370mm or 430mm diameter disc brake rotors, various hub options with “PRESET” or unitised bearings and either Wabco PAN-19 or PAN-22 disc brake callipers for improved brake performance and longer life.

Self Steer Axles

TMC self-steer axles improve manoeuvrability and provide smooth steering action. Available mounted to mechanical or airbag suspension, for multi-axle groups and low-ride configurations, the TMC self-steer axle comes as a “modular” package with TMC’s easy-to-fit “LMV Series” airbag suspension for lower tare weight and reduced life cycle cost.

The standard 10-tonne rated self-steer axle can be fitted with either drum or disc brakes and with optional hub wheel fixing types to suit 22.5”, 19.5” or 17.5” wheels. TMC standard self-steer axle incorporates an 11-degree steer angle and is equipped with pneumatic reverse locking device.

Special Purpose Axles

Originally developed in conjunction with Australia’s leading specialist low-loader manufacturer for rows-of-eight applications, the UB82 axle for 17.5″ wheels can now also be specified with the larger 335mm x 210mm brake (ADR38 rated capacity 11.5 tonne) and at any track length and, in that format, can be fitted to any of TMC’s extensive range of airbag or mechanical suspensions.

UB82 allows the operator to eliminate the human factor from seal maintenance and bearing adjustment, thus ensuring substantially lower life cycle costs.

Trailer Suspensions

Air Suspension LMV

TMC LMV Series range of air suspensions have been designed for all Australian operating conditions. New versatile shocker mounting system makes fitment a breeze.

TMC LMV Series will deliver you increased profits through long life components resulting in lower maintenance costs. This suspension has the VERSATILITY to accommodate those clients with a preference for vertically mounted shockers.

Air Suspension SL 10

TMC SL10 Series of Air Suspensions have been designed for line-haul, skel, tipper and tanker applications operating on predominately paved roads.

TMC SL10 Single Leaf Suspension with 10 tonne rated capacity can be fitted with either drum or disc brake axles as well as with either “PRESET” or unitised bearings for reduced maintenance and lower life cycle costs.

Air Suspension TL 12

TMC TL12 Series of Air Suspensions have been designed for Australia’s outback, for heavy duty and off highway applications and especially suitable for high centre of gravity loads.

TMC TL12 Twin Leaf Suspension with 12 tonne rated capacity can be fitted with either drum or disc brake axles as well as with either “PRESET” or unitised bearings for reduced maintenance and lower life cycle costs.

Mechanical Suspension

The TMC suspension is proven under Australia’s harsh conditions. It is simple in design to suit all types and makes of trailer. Tapered bushes for both the equaliser and torque arm assemblies enhance service life with minimal maintenance.

Brackets and equalisers are designed to eliminate localised stress. Brackets are short in depth to minimise torsional stress during turning and braking. The brackets are made of cast steel using investment castings for a more homogeneous product with a high quality finish. Standard parts are used throughout allowing maximum interchangability between models.

Landing Legs

Landing Legs

TMC Landing Legs are simple in design but are sturdy, effective and meet TTMA, AAR and German safety regulations for commercial vehicles. 

Each leg is fitted with Flat Pivot foot as a standard with optional Air Foot or Rocker Foot to suit.

Trailer Suspension
Air Suspensions