About us

"For a relatively small business like us - focusing on the special purpose end of the market - gives us the confidence to continue investing in production facilities and equipment and helps us sustain our local maufacturing capability and keep our Australian fitters and welders gainfully employed."

Alex Law, Operations Manager, TMC.

TMC is a manufacturer of special-purpose trailer axles for the transport, mining, and agricultural sectors.  The business was founded in 2001 and has occupied the current workshop facility in Hallam, Victoria since 2004. The range of axles TMC produces includes disc and drum braked models for 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5” wheels and because they are mostly locally built, they can be made to suit any application and at any required track length.

In the majority of cases, the axles are supplied as a package with either leaf spring or airbag suspension.  In the case of the air suspension offering, the company specialises in low-profile set-ups for 17.5” and 19.5” wheels with a fair amount of customisation for quad –axle combinations and to suit rear self-steering axles.  TMC Australia Operations Manager, Alex Law says the company tends to concentrate on special-purpose axles in the capacity range of 9 to 20 tonnes, with the product often custom-built to suit heavy-duty, off-road and arduous applications.

Our mechanical suspensions offer transport operators the twin comforts of extended life and minimal maintenance, with features developed by TMC’s engineers over many years of personal experience. Since entering the market, these suspensions have proven invaluable on multi-trailer combinations.

TMC’s cost-effective air suspension and axle package, supplied as a modular assembly for ease of fitment by trailer manufacturers, boosts profits by ensuring both extra payload and lower maintenance costs.

All of TMC’s product developments are based on our customers’ requirements. Because our engineering base is here in Australia, we can modify any design as determined by you.

Whereas some producers target volume of sales via mass production, we specialise in quality. We are proud of our long-term relationships with many niche market trailer builders, who know they can rely on TMC to supply what they need.

Mechanical Suspension Assembly