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TMC stands up straight

Melbourne-based supplier of airbag suspensions, TMC Australia, continues to concentrate on servicing the needs of the specialist trailer builders and bringing to market extra product features that offer longer life and reduced maintenance.

“TMC’s product progression comes principally from our small (but loyal) customer base,” says TMC managing director, Brendan Dullard. “We deal primarily with the specialist builders, who come to TMC because we are equipped to customise the product. Those companies generally have more influence on the specification of the axle and suspension equipment being fitted.”

One such company is O’Phee Trailers in Rocklea, Queensland. According to Mick O’Phee, managing director of O’Phee Trailers, “We enjoy an excellent relationship with TMC, we have bought their axle and airbag suspension gear since they started up in 2003. They are not the cheapest on the market but their business model is not unlike our own, that’s why we stick with them. If ever there’s a problem, Brendan or Bob jump in and fix it for us, no questions asked. Over the years, they have engineered some unique features into the product for us; you can call it customisation if you like – whatever you call it, our customers seem to like the end result. We have always preferred and always specified the vertical shock absorber option from TMC,” Mick adds. “It never gives us any dramas. The superior performance and improved tyre wear from the vertical shockers is well worth the extra cost to fit them. The extra time taken to mount up thevertical shockers is just one of the additional extra features that we build into our trailers and that sets the O’Phee trailer apart from the rest.”

Another strong advocate of the vertical shock absorber on airbag suspensions is Colin Jean at Progress Trailer Sales in Somerton, Victoria. “Whether it is TMC or any other brand of suspension, if there is a vertical shocker option, we always spec our trailers up that way.” Colin says, “Over many years, originally with Hamelex and now as a Hercules dealer, we just know that when we sell a trailer – any trailer, dog, semi or B-double – if it’s fitted with vertical shocks, it will work much better. Recently, we have proved to ourselves conclusively that switching from lay-down to vertical shockers gives a positive improvement in tyre wear. Having only recently taken on board the Hercules dealership, we are very happy to specify the TMC product as standard and of course the fact that TMC provides a vertical shocker option on the full Hercules range of 3 and 4 axle dogs, semis and B-doubles suits us perfectly.”

Going forward, Brendan Dullard at TMC expects the demand for the vertical shocker option will continue. “Vertical shockers are just one of the many features we offer to the Aussie trailer builders as part of our local customisation program. Despite the initial up-front installation cost being greater, the benefits of better ride characteristics and reduced tyre wear will ensure cost benefits to the operator in the longer term.”