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Quality and service go hand in hand
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Custom trailer manufacturer, Absolute Trailer Solutions, specifies TMC mechanical suspension across its range of machinery trailers – and this loyalty to the TMC product is attributed not only to its quality, but also the first class service that comes with it.

Absolute Trailer Solutions started as Condamine Fabrications more than 20 years ago in the Queensland town of Warwick, 160km southwest of Brisbane. In 2005, Peel Tribe purchased the company and later changed the business name to Absolute Trailer Solutions to consolidate the various divisions of the business under the one name. “At Absolute Trailer Solutions, we manufacture all sorts of trailers – specialty tankers, skels for various applications, and everything from small work trailers right through to low loaders. We also have another division of the business that manufactures luxury horse floats,” says Peel. “Our specialty is manufacturing custom built trailers, especially for clients that are looking for equipment that is different or slightly out of the ordinary. We made the decision to amalgamate all of our businesses and trade under Absolute Trailer Solutions, but we continue to brand our trailers as Con Fab.”

Since the business was taken over by its current owner Peel, it has been using TMC mechanical suspension across its heavy-duty range of trailers including on its quad axle low loaders and tri axle drop deck trailers. TMC mechanical suspension has been tried and proven in Australia’s harsh operating conditions; and due to its simple design, TMC mechanical suspension is suitable for use on all types of trailers.

TMC provides a full range of mechanical suspensions with a variety of axle spreads to meet all state and territory requirements. Offered in both overslung and underslung formats, standard ride heights are nominally either 200mm, 380mm or 420mm. The bushings are tapered, either rubber or polyurethane depending on the application. Standard parts are used throughout the range to allow interchangeability between models and other industry standard component parts.

Peel says, “The initial attraction to TMC mechanical suspension was the cost effectiveness and the ease of assembly. I’ve used a few different types of mechanical suspension and the TMC product compares very favourably. The quality of TMC’s mechanical suspension is fantastic and we haven’t had any issues with the product – but if there is ever a problem, it is rectified by TMC immediately. “The staff at TMC are always very helpful and the service provided is great. I started dealing with Bob Cossins when we first started using TMC suspension and have continued to deal with him ever since. I’ve been able to develop a really good working relationship with Bob – he has always been more than helpful.” Peel continues, “At TMC, everything is always available when I need it.

TMC can have complete suspensions sent from Melbourne to Warwick very quickly. Within around six days, I can have the product in my workshop and ready to be fitted which is pretty impressive. The turnaround time on TMC products is great. And once the TMC suspension is fitted and the trailer is finished and leaves our factory, we can be confident that our customers won’t have any issues once they are out on the road.”