TMC Australia
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At the Brisbane Truck Show, TMC will unveil a completely new drum brake trailer axle as well as two new models of airbag suspension. According to managing director Brendan Dullard, “We believe it is time for TMC to improve its offering to the market by the introduction of these new product lines.

In Brisbane, TMC unveiled a new drum brake trailer axle as well as two new models of airbag suspension. “It was time for TMC to offer the market something new and innovative,” says managing director Brendan Dullard. “Therefore, we have increased the axle beam strength by around 35 percent using latest technology materials, and we are also fitting ConMet steel hubs with the well proven ‘preset’ bearing system inside, which are set for a working life of 800,000km.” The result: long service intervals, less downtime and reduced life cycle cost. In addition, the new model range can offer a distinct weight advantage to reduce fuel consumption and maximise payload.

According to Brendan, the new axle, which has undergone rigorous testing prior to the Brisbane Truck Show, features a new cam cover arrangement with grease points at both ends. It can be fitted to any one of TMC’s extensive range of airbag or mechanical suspensions. “The two new models of airbag suspension have been under development for quite some time,” says Brendan. “They are pitched at the long-haul sector of the market, with a 10 tonne version called SL10 and a 12 tonne model called TL12. Both models will be available with either lay forward or vertical shock absorbers and both incorporate well- proven bushings as well as 14” (360mm) diameter air springs. The TL12 version is ideally suited to heavy duty and off highway applications and high centre of gravity loads.”