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TMC responds to the mining boom
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TMC Australia, a Melbourne-based specialist supplier of trailer disc brake axles and airbag suspension systems, is busily responding to increased demand for non-standard axles, according to managing director, Brendan Dullard.

TMC continues to direct more of its attention towards product specialisation, in particular special purpose axles for road- going, mining and agricultural applications,” says Brendan. “The mining boom in Western Australia and Queensland has been very beneficial in that regard.

“For a relatively small business like us – even though we were already very much focused on our special purpose niche market – the mining boom has opened whole new opportunities to further increase sales through product specialisation. That gives us the confidence to continue investing in production facilities and equipment and helps us sustain our manufacturing capability and keep our Australian fitters and welders gainfully employed.” 

According to Brendan, the TMC team is working “more or less as much overtime as possible” in the run up to the Christmas holidays. “That’s good for them and their families and good for the local economy as well,” he concludes.

Since TMC first started producing “specials” at its Hallam facility in 2005, demand for special purpose axles has continued to grow year-on-year. “Even when sales of our standard product dropped off dramatically in 2009 and during the first half of 2010, the requirement for special axles was quite consistent,” says Brendan.

“Nowadays, specials are an integral part of our business. We have dedicated two of our production bays exclusively to this kind of work, so we are well prepared if a client is asking for an axle at any given track length, beam capacity or hub pattern. As a result, we are able to deliver any product in a relatively short time-frame, generally within 10 working days.”

TMC’s range of special purpose axles includes a row-of-eight compatible axle with a narrower 335 mm x 160 mm ‘S’- cam brake developed in conjunction with Australia’s leading low loader builders. Rated at 8.8 tonnes, TMC’s product is specifically designed for use in multi-axle configurations.

Brendan says, “We are supplying our row- of-eight axles in different configurations and at varying track lengths depending on the application. In some cases, we supply it as an axle on its own, either fully assembled or as a kit.”

According to Brendan, specialist low-loader builders like Drake often match the TMC axle to their own hydraulic suspension. “However, we also offer it fitted to TMC’s own single point suspension,” he says.

“As an assembled unit, the capacity per pair of bogies can go up to 40 tonnes and beyond, depending on the application, operating speed, brake size and wheel and tyre ratings.” Brendan concludes, “Specialisation is what TMC is all about. We feel strongly that product customisation and the flexibility to supply what the customer really needs has always been the main difference between TMC and the other axle and suspension suppliers in the Australian market.